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Lip Butter (Vegan)
Give your lips a juicy healthy feel with our Vegan Lip Balm, powered with sunflower wax and all natural ingredients!
Vegan lip balm always handcrafted.  We use organic sunflower wax and all natural ingredients for your lips!
Vegan Lip butter. Ingredients sunflower Was Almond/Avocado oil/Coconut oil. Always handcrafted always Vegan
Lip Butter (Vegan)
Lip Butter (Vegan)
Lip Butter (Vegan)

Lip Butter (Vegan)

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Give your lips a treat! Load your lips with moisture with our 100% vegan lip butter. 

  • Soothing effects for cracked dry lips
  • Ultra Moisture
  • 100% VEGAN ( we use Sunflower Wax instead of Beeswax)
  • Handcrafted 

All natural ingredients: Organic Almond oil/Avacado oil, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Sunflower Wax  no animal byproducts like Lanolin!!

Got bad cuticles? Take a little of the lip balm and rub on your cuticles! 





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