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March Mango Madness Spa Box
March Mango Madness Spa Box
March Mango Madness Spa Box

March Mango Madness Spa Box

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Our best selling aroma all in one place! Mango madness will transport you straight to the Caribbean and give you all the moisture your body deserves! 
What’s in the Box? 
Mango Vegan Shea Body butter- Loaded with Shea and Cocoa butter our Vegan body butter will not only give you superior moisture but also very healing especially for those with, eczema, and dry skin. $20

Mango Creamy Vegan Sugar Scrub-Exfoliate  and moisturize with our all in one cream sugar scrub. Made with rice bran oil,and other super moisturizing oils, pure cane sugar. $20 

Mango Vegan Bath Bomb-We guarantee these will be the best bath bombs you’ve ever had! Loaded with Avocado oil, our vegan bath bombs contain no perfumes or dyes and gentle enough for the entire family. $5

Citrus Menthol Shower Steamers- Turn your shower into a spa! Citrus aroma will wake you up and the menthol will help you breath easy. Tip-put the shower steamer in the back of the shower floor to make it last 2-3 showers. $10

Mango Vegan Lip Butter - Your lips will never be the same after experiencing our Vegan lip balm. Made with Sunflower wax, cocoa butter avocado oil long lasting moisture is yours! $5

Mango Loofah Soap Scrub-Moisture and exfoliate with our loofah soap. Olive oil based soap with that mango aroma. Once the soap melts you’ll have a natural loofah scrub great for exfoliating under the beard or the bikini line. $7

Mango Pocket/Purse Size Vegan body butter-Why not have Mango on the go! Vegan body butter same as the 4oz jar. 

All items are 100% Handcrafted by Lady J  and Vegan down to the preservative!